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Epitope Services. Protein Analysis.

Please fill the form to recieve full report.

Price is USD U$ 359.-  / € 299.- / £ 249.-   for a single project.

5% discount for 2-3 projects.

10% discount for 4 and more projects.


Peptide Synthesis

Please fill the form, indicating the sequence and thee required purity of a peptide for a quotation.



All adjuvants are supplied in vaccum packed freese-dried from. One unit is sufficient for full immunisation (4 injections) of 1 rabbit/ 1 goat./ 1 Chicken/ 4 mice. Volume discounts are applied.

Custom Antibody Project

Please fill the inquiry form below. You will be mailed a quotation within 24 hours.

Vaccine/Diagnostics/Assay  Project

Please fill the inquiry form. You will be responded within 24 hours.



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