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protein analysis service

We perform full analysis, using the EpiQuest Suite, of a protein sequence submitted to us in a single-letter code. We will identify the relative immunogenicity of the regions (unique software), the level of the complexity of various domains (unique software), presence of conserved domains, probability of surface exposure, and provide you a full report of the best linear epitopes, suggested animals for immunization. The report can be customized to provide your special interest in particular domains of the molecule and potential immunological applications you are planning to use the antibody in. Please submit your request for a quotation using the provided FORM

peptide synthesis

Solid-phase synthesis of epitope peptides from 70% to 98% purity for preparing the antigen. Cost-effective synthesis from 3 to 30 amino acid sequences. D-isomers, cyclization, phosphorylation, and other modifications are available. For a quotation please send an inquiry using this FORM.


custom antibody services

Unique rabbit (or other animal) immunization project using novel adjuvants produced by Aptum; polyclonal or monoclonal antibody preparation. Projects can be fully customized according to your needs. Our US customers are advised to contact directly our partner company Pocono Rabbit Farm, all others can address us directly by filling an inquiry FORM

vaccine formulation

For people preparing combinatorial vaccines we provide services of antigen analysis to select regions for antibody that will be immunodominant and give rise to highly specific antibodies, compare various regions of various proteins  for their relative immunogencicity, analyse accessibility of antibody to the proposed epitope.

We also, using new part of EpiQuest Suite EpiQuest-T, analyse the sequences for the presence of strong T-helper epitopes and CTL epitopes, select the regions.

We will analyse the sequence created on the basis of selected epitopes for the absence of de novo immunodominant epitopes, assist (if required) synthesis of vaccine DNA, its expression in a number of systems (done by our partners), up to API production.

Please inquire. Some of the research projects from academic institutions may be eligible for free analysis, providing they overlap with our own research program

for antibody development

​​​other services

what our customers say:

We come back with new order because we were so happy with your Express rabbit antibody services, and we also recommend it to everybody now.

Prof. David R. Hyde, University of Notre Dame       

I was very happy with your service and I would like to use it again.
Dr. Steve Parsons, NBS, NHS, UK

I would just like to give a feedback on the antibody. We tested it in Western-Blots from cellular extracts with excellent results. It picks up some non-specific bands, which however do not interfere with detection of endogenous ITPK. We are very happy with it! Hopefully, the second antibody will be similarly successful. Thanks a lot,
Christopher Stroh, Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation

I have used your services twice before and would like to use it again to raise polyclonal antibody (Rabbit Express). Prof. Puttur D. Prasad, Ph. D.

My name is Jorge Olivares Pacheco and I have an account with you. One year ago we sent samples to make antibodies and our results with your antibodies were really greatest, for this reason now I am sending samples for "Rabbit express protocol" again

Thank you so much for the titration data. It is very good. I already used the anti-serum to do my experiment and it worked very well. Thank you again for your excellent service.
Peng Guo, Ph.D. Emory Vaccine Center, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia

In 2006 two peptides were designed by your company … for antibody production against … in C. elegans.  After affinity purification, I found C4402 antibody works very well in detecting the protein from C. elegans extract via Western blot…
Dr.Jacqueline Baca, University of Wisconsin-Madison, CMB Program


Everything is looking good. For both rabbits 10382 and 10381 please continue to inject and bleed/purify (same as before) as often as you think is best for the rabbit. We will do testing as before. We are getting good results and want to continue as long as we can. (Phospho-project) Dr. Diane Woods

After several weeks spent to test the antibody you produced for us, I can tell that it is a great success. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that we are greatly satisfied with everything. Sincerely,
Stéphanie Heyraud, Ph D Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada

Given the success of our previous antibody order (9 projects), we would like to order 19 new ones now, 9 with the express rabbit protocol, and 10 with the standard rabbit protocol.
Gáspár Jékely, Ph.D. Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, Germany

..Last week I received the first two serum batches of the rabbit.
I tested it, and although I saw non-specific bands, we were happy to see a very clear target band. I even was able to do an experiment which previously did not work with the antibodies developed with recombinant protein; now it works very well.
So, you can give the rabbit my thanks and some carrots.
Eveline Hoebe. PhD student, EBV-group VUmc, Amsterdam

.. in the first project, the rabbit antibody works fine. I tested it out on COS cells (transfected with His-tagged cDNA) and on adult mouse tissue. In both cases I get a signal (in COS cells almost totally overlapping with the His-tag). But I think that I should increase the dilution, in order to lose some of the background. Also I need to make a few more control experiments to check the specificity but I didn't have time to do that yet. As soon as I know more I will let you know. 
Jun Lee, Basel, Switzerland       

Thanks, happy new year to you also! I have already tested the specificity of these two antibodies, and they work well by western blot and IFA. I and my supervisor are very satisfied with service provided by your company.
Cheng Xu, PhD student, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science

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